What are the Benefits of Power Washing?    

In 1926 a Pennsylvanian named Frank Woldert invented the machine to shoot high-pressure water streams to clean walls, floors, boilers, and sidewalks. Since those days long ago the benefits of power washing in all types of public and private venues have enabled us to keep things clean we never really could have before.

One of the great advantages of power washing can be enjoyed right at home. Homeowners have masonry, chimneys, sidewalks, driveways, and garage floors that can all be made to look new again by the use of power washing. Think of these benefits that also come as a result of power washing services provided by Father and Son Masonry Chicago.

First, power washing can maintain or possibly increase the value of your home. Weather in Chicago can take a toll on siding and concrete surfaces around your home. A few hours with a power washing by Father and Son Masonry Chicago can make those surfaces look brand new. 

Second,  if you intend to have your house painted, a good power washing removes the dirt, grime, and any peeling paint from the siding. This prepares the surface so the new paint will adhere to the siding, giving a more even and long-lasting appearance.

Third, power washing by Father and Son Masonry Chicago will reduce the wear on your masonry surfaces, helping you avoid costly masonry repairs. As layers of dirt, debris form, they can hide the need for masonry repair or even make the masonry or chimney repair more complicated. Power washing can restore the freshly laid look to brick and stone and give your home a fresh clean look.

For your power washing or masonry needs, call Father and Son Masonry Chicago for your free estimate today!


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