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As professionals with all things masonry in Chicago, at Father & Son Masonry Inc., we have established ourselves as a reliable source to handle any masonry repair. We began our business in 2006 with experience well in hand and we have grown ever since with top-quality masonry repair in Chicago.

But our masonry contractors Chicago can do so much more than simple masonry or chimney repair. Our expertise is comprehensive, to include tuckpointing. Our tuckpointing Chicago contractors work with residential and commercial buildings to ensure your bricks not only look great, but they are in perfect condition to remain waterproof through the seasons.

When you need expert masonry repair and tuckpointing contractors, our Masonry Restoration Chicago company is the top professional choice. Call us today and feel confident with our honest and experienced solutions for your masonry and brick restoration Chicago services.


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Father & Son Masonry Inc. is the right company for any masonry repair Chicago, from the simple to the finely detailed. Let the experts at Father & Son Masonry Inc. take care of your masonry and feel great about your confidence in our masonry contractors.

Keep your bricks in great shape with professional masonry repair in Chicago for your residence or business from our experienced professionals. And we can provide you with the intricate services that our tuckpointing contractors Chicago are accustomed to working on every day. Tuckpointing will seal your bricks and make them look brand new.

Make sure you don’t use your fireplace until our chimney rebuild Chicago experts have restored your chimney. We’ll make it safe and structurally perfect. Plus, we’ll keep your exterior clean with a commercial-grade power washing in Chicago that can remove almost anything from your brickwork.


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Friendly Customer Service

Father & Son Masonry Inc. and Masonry Repair Chicago is a family business, and that means you get the family treatment. We are fully committed to our customers with friendly service from all our masonry contractors. We believe you are the most important part of any masonry or tuckpointing project.

Expert Contractors

You will not find greater expertise than Father & Son Masonry Inc. and Tuckpointing Chicago. We understand the finer details that go into every masonry repair, so you can feel confident about our work, just as our Masonry and Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago do on every assignment.

Years of Experience

We established our company in 2006, and all that time has given Father & Son Masonry Inc. the expertise to handle any issue, from simple masonry repair in Chicago to chimney repair and tuckpointing Chicago. You can rely on our experience to give you the right masonry service, completed professionally.

Top-Quality Materials

When you call Father & Son Masonry Inc., you do not only get the best service by the most qualified tuckpointing and masonry contractors Chicago, but you also get the best masonry materials possible. That’s how we ensure a great job by our masonry restoration contractors Chicago, every time.

Free Estimates

Know and understand all the details of the job when you are dealing with Father & Son’s masonry and tuckpointing contractors Chicago. We will clearly outline the logistics of the project for you before the work begins so you know what to expect right from the start.

Exceptional Look

When you call Father & Son Masonry Inc., you do not only get the best service by the most qualified tuckpointing and masonry contractors in Chicago, but you also get the best masonry materials possible. That’s how we ensure a great job by our masonry restoration contractors Chicago, every time.

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Our tuckpointing and masonry company in Chicago is a family-owned business, which means that our customers will get family treatment. Our masonry contractors and tuckpointing contractors are fully committed to providing our customers with friendly services. We believe that our customers are the most important part of any masonry repair or any other project that we offer. We have been providing outstanding tuckpointing and masonry services since 2006. Father & Son Masonry Inc. masonry contractors Chicago have the expertise to handle any issue, from a simple masonry repair to a complex chimney repair Chicago. We are the ones that you can rely on when it comes to experience in providing the right service. We have the expert masonry contractors and tuckpointing contractors in Chicago to get the job done right the first time. We understand that the smallest detail is essential, which is why they have a keen eye to paying attention to details, making sure that every masonry repair is done with the highest quality. Father & Son Masonry Inc. does not only provide you with the highest quality of work but also with top-notch materials. This would make sure that your building or chimney will be beautiful and will last for years. That’s how we ensure a great job by our masonry and tuckpointing contractors Chicago, every time.



Dirt and grime build up over time on the outside of your building making it look a lot older and worn down than it is. The solution? Professional power washing from the local masonry contractors Chicago can rely on. Our team not only helps to maintain your masonry, but we help your property look its absolute best.

Whether you want to increase your curb appeal to better the chances of selling your home, or you just want your home to look fresher and newer, our experts can help you achieve this through the power washing Chicago homeowners love!

Additionally, if you are a business owner in a masonry building, the outside appearance of your building is an important first impression for your clients. Our masonry contractors can help to ensure it will be a great one with thorough power washing. 

Call our team at FATHER & SON MASONRY INC. for expert power washing and all things regarding masonry work.

Signs That You Might Need Chimney Repair Chicago, IL

Efflorescence or White Staining

In masonry, efflorescence indicates excess moisture. When not prevented, it causes premature chimney deterioration along with other possible issues related to moisture.


You should not let your damper or firebox accumulate rust. But, if there is, it’s an indication that your chimney has excess moisture.

Deteriorating Mortar Joints

Chimney repair Chicago is necessary if your chimney masonry has damaged mortar joints. The masonry will be exposed to moisture when the mortar deteriorates, speeding up your chimney’s deterioration.


When thin slices of chimney tile start to collect in the fireplace, you have a damaged flue. Your chimney and fireplace need flue lining to ensure safe operation. For this reason, do an annual chimney inspection and ask for masonry repair when necessary. Ask our expert masonry contractors Chicago at Father & Son Masonry INC. for your masonry needs.


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