Look for These Signs To Know If You Might Need Chimney Repair

It’s so easy to forget about your chimney. How often do you look up there anyway? As it is with everything else, out of sight – out of mind. But if you do need chimney repair, it’s best to act fast, and here are the most obvious signs that it’s time to take action before you will need a whole chimney rebuild.

Deteriorating Mortar Joints – Masonry Repair

Repair your damaged mortar joints between bricks as soon as possible. Neglecting the problem exposes your masonry to moisture and freezing and thawing cycles. That can accelerate the deterioration of your chimney, which could lead to a total collapse. Father & Son Masonry Inc. has masonry contractors that can help you with taking care of the problem fast.


When you see pieces of masonry around your chimney and you notice parts of the brickwork are missing, you have spalling. This occurs when moisture seeps into the brickwork and the surface peels off. If you don’t want to have a full chimney rebuild, it’s best to call for masonry contractors like Father & Son Masonry Inc.


When you find bits of chimney tile in your fireplace, that’s an indication that you have flue damage. A solid flue lining is necessary for the safe operation of the fireplace and chimney. Contact us for a complete chimney inspection and chimney repair.

Chimney Crown Damage

Your chimney crown is the first line of defense your home has against harsh weather. A cracked chimney crown can allow water to seep in, expanding the crack and leading to more damage, which could end up so severe, you need a total chimney rebuild on your home.

If you believe your chimney is displaying any of the above issues, contact our professional masonry contractors at Father & Son Masonry Inc., and get the chimney repair you need quickly.


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