Why Chimney Repair Should Be Left to the Professionals

Many homeowners don’t realize how important it is to regularly clean and check their chimneys for damage. Chimney damage is a very serious fire hazard to your home.
The most common cause for a chimney repair job is the lack of maintenance. Chimneys should be checked annually for cracks and gaps in the mortar and surrounding masonry, and any mechanical problems with the vents and chimney flue. Regular maintenance will enable any damage to be spotted and repaired before it escalates into a much larger, expensive problem. Creosote, the black residue that builds up inside the chimney is highly flammable. Dirty chimneys are the cause of many house fires each year.

Chimney repair is a specialized job and one that should be left to the experts rather than a DIY project. Regular maintenance by a professional will assure that your chimney is cleaned properly and assessed for any potential problems which may be missed by non-experts.

Hiring professional masonry contractors based, will save you money. If the damage isn’t fixed correctly then the problem can escalate into a much bigger and more expensive problem. Masonry repair is a highly specialized job and shouldn’t be undertaken by nonprofessionals.


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