lintel replacement Wilmette

Father & Son Masonry Inc. has been providing excellent masonry services in Chicago since 2006. We have a reliable team of professional masonry contractors that can cover any masonry project you need with efficiency and excellence. We started with basic knowledge in the field and worked our way to be the leading masonry company in Chicago through years of experience to provide consumers with the high-quality masonry they deserve. 

Our masonry contractors are experts at what they do. They serve both residential and commercial areas, so you can rest assured they can handle any kind of masonry work you need, whether for your home or business. Aside from masonry restoration, our team of professional masonry contractors in Chicago is also capable of performing brick-and-mortar repairs for your satisfaction such as masonry restoration and lintel replacement. We at Father & Son Masonry Inc. deliver excellence every step of the way so you can enjoy your building for a long time. 

Father & Son Masonry Inc. is here to provide you professional masonry restoration and lintel replacement in Chicago whenever you need it. You can contact our team anytime and relay your masonry needs with full transparency so we can suggest the best solution and do all the work for you.